Carving On The Corner 2023

Slowly but surely, The Corner is taking shape.

The Corner is a public art project centred around the sculpture ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ by artist Keith Ackerman, commissioned by BasementArtsProject as part of the Yorkshire Sculpture International and Index Festival of Visual Art in 2019.

The project was designed to create a magnificent and monumental stone sculpture around which we would fashion a ‘pocket sculpture park’ thus regenerating an abandoned tract of land here in South Leeds.

A year down the line and the land is unrecognisable as to what it had been previously.

Having got ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ upright and in place during July 2022, we then embarked on the public engagement aspect to create a set of stone benches echoing the forms of the sculpture and employing the same techniques to make them. Between September and December 2022 many members of the public either booked, or stopped by when passing on their way to the shops, to learn some pop the skills behind stone carving.

With one bench almost finished, we are at the polishing stage with it, we have begun the second and final of the benches.

Led by sculptor John Barber, who was assistant on ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and assisted by Keith Ackerman, the artist responsible for Jacob’s Ladder’ we are inviting you to book or just stop by and spend some time with us. If you ever wondered what it would be like to carve some 260,000,000 year old limestone then this is the project for you. Each session lasts 1 hour and you will have 1-2-1 time with John and Keith who will direct you in the ways of direct carving, power tools and polishing.


meanwhile . . . .

Loane Bobilier: Squaring The Circle

The current exhibition at BasementArtsProject remains open on the following dates

Sunday 19 March | By Appointment
Monday 20 March | 11:30-2:30
Thursday 23 March | 11:30-2:30
Sunday 26 March | By Appointment
Monday 27 March |11:30-2:30
Thursday 30 March | 11:30-2:30

The apparently insoluble question of how to square a circle has occupied the minds of mathematicians since the time of Hippocrates. It is from this mathematical problem that we derive the phrase squaring the circle; the combining of things that were thought to be so contradictory to each other that they could not exist together.

Loane Bobillier is a 22 year old International student at Leeds Arts University. Hailing from Switzerland and arriving on these shores via China and Singapore, her work, geometric and minimal on the surface, reveals something of the experiences that lie just beneath the surface for those who care to investigate further.

Working across a variety of media including sculpture, photography, painting and film, her artworks are a meditation on identity, belonging and the inner conflict that occurs as we attempt to position ourselves in the context of the external environment.


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