Chloe Harris | Route Motif – place making through art

Thursday 20 April 2023 | 5:30-8:30pm

Chloe Harris is something of an itinerant artist. Moving between cities as dictated by her practice. Chloe’s work as a printmaker is generated by documenting and abstracting the cities of the UK.

The material she produces is drawn from the urban landscape then abstracted. In amongst the dynamic and dramatic gestural sweeps of her designs are recognisable monuments of whatever city she may be staying in at the time. I met Chloe (at a distance) in between pandemic lockdowns one and two. On a dark winter evening we sat at opposite ends of Bumpman’s log outside of the Henry Moore Institute and discussed her practice.

At that point Chloe’s work was in a different place to her regular output. During lockdown she had become one of the nations key workers in the Leeds Amazon Warehouse. It was this experience that led her to produce the Amazon Series in her very distinctive and singular style. It is this work, presented via the BasementArtsProject website Studio Journal during the pandemic, that will form the basis of her exhibition that begins here on Thursday 2o April.

Kirkgate Market Series

Coming forward to 2023 Chloe has already moved to Manchester chasing new work and a new view of the sky. But, that is not the end of her connection with Leeds / South Leeds. As part of her exhibition here at BasementArtsProject she will be setting in motion a public art project for the area.

Amazon Warehouse Interior (for illustration purposes only) - The end design will reference the Leeds cityscape
Amazon Warehouse Interior (for illustration purposes only) – The end design will reference the Leeds cityscape

We are currently negotiating a work to be designed by Chloe, which we will then be inviting a muralist to work with her and scale up the design for a gable end that faces onto Tunstall Road.

If you are a muralist wanting to tackle this big project with Chloe then you can register your Expression of Interest in THIS FORM


Exhibition at BasementArtsProject remains open
Sunday 23rd April | By Appointment
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Anyone who is familiar with the Dewsbury Road / Tunstall Road junction over the last two years will have noticed the public sculpture that we have already placed on the grassland at the back of Poundland. What was once overgrown and full of litter, and other much more unsavoury items, has become a place that people stop with their children and families over the summer months. It has remained clean ever since, even through the dark winter months. This year we will be starting the process of landscaping the ground around it.


The project was carried out entirely in view of the public, and many people from the community have joined in with our Monday Carving Workshops to help us create a pair of stone benches with us. We will be working with Chloe in a similar way to get people involved in the process that will lead to the final design. More on this soon.

In the meantime, if you would like to come and learn some stone carving skills come and join us on a Monday morning.

You can BOOK ONLINE HERE or if you are passing on your way to the shops, just come over say hello and we can let you try your hand.


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