Campaign to make Skelton Grange bridge accessible

Leeds Cycling Campaign is championing a campaign to make the path along the Aire & Calder Navigation easier to negotiate by replacing the footbridge crossing at Skelton Grange Road. You can help by signing their petition.

The path between Hunslet and Woodlesford is popular with walkers, runners and cyclists. But when it reaches Skelton Grange Road the path crosses over the navigation via a road bridge … and 39 steps to get from the river level to the road. The south side isn’t much better with uneven wooden steps and it is often muddy in wet weather.

The problem isn’t new and a detailed feasibility study was carried out in 2006 by consultants Mouchel Parkman. Of four options considered it recommended a new foot/cycle bridge with a price tag of over £500,000. Since then planning permission has been granted to an industrial development with a condition to improve the crossing, however the proposal does not remove the need for steps, so does not deal with the crux of the problem.

A lot of work has been done lately to improve the footpath along this stretch as part of the flood alleviation works and this work is only going to increase traffic along the path. But that good work is being let down by the Skleton Grange Road bridge.

Leeds Cycling Campaign commented:

“The steep steps giving access to the bridge are a long standing barrier to many users including those with wheelchairs or buggies, heavily loaded bikes, tandems, electric bikes or trailers. An obstacle like this simply has no place on the National Cycle Network (NCN) or the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT).”

You can sign the petition by clicking here


10 Replies to “Campaign to make Skelton Grange bridge accessible”

  1. Would love this, had to turn back the other week with son in pram and one on a bike!

  2. I agree it is part of the SRB 6 regeneration area l worked on. A partnership between the LCC, DWP and Business Link.

  3. Absolutely needed always a bind and very difficult to carry bikes up/down the steps, as more and more people are being encouraged to cycle both for fitness and travelling too and from work this makes it even more important. Definitely gets my vote to complete.

  4. Totally agree it needs addressing, I struggle with getting my electric bike up and down these steps

  5. Hope this is in hand, couldn’t agree morewould be a fantastic ride/ run/walk all the way

  6. I am a vlogger on Youtube, its got a cameo. I am glad I didnt go on my ebike and without husband.

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