Between Tommy Wass and the Chip Shop


To mulch or not to mulch hat is the question – this is the side wall of the chip shop which we asked if we could plant a couple of years ago.  Before that it was dandelions and rubbish.  We wondered, with it being the pub car park, whether our planting would survive – it’s not just survived it goes from strength to strength!

This site is where we get most often mistaken for council workers, even in flip flops and a sun hat, but it was pushing it today when someone asked if we were part of Cameron’s Big Society.  I didn’t strike him with my shovel, but comments like that are almost enough to make me regret volunteering.  Luckily I’m a Bolshie bugger and will not be put off doing what I like by daft accusations.

Look at the left hand bunch of stick (it’s an elderberry) on the mulched picture and if you get close enough this is what you’ll see: 

Isn’t it gorgeous enough for a catwalk.