Belle Isle: ‘Speeding vehicles still a priority’

Residents in the Aberfield/Newhall parts of Belle Isle told a community meeting that speeding traffic is still a concern for the area.

They told local community police officers that the current priority of speeding vehicles on Newhall Road should continue to be monitored and tackled by police. Residents felt this was the biggest problem facing the area.

They did said that the worst times of day for speeding cars were later in the day from 10pm till 2am.

PCs Kate Devonshire and Mandy Arnold will look at this problem again before the next meeting.

Sergeant Richard Hunter attended the Aberfield/Newhall community meeting with councillors Judith Blake and Kim Groves, Simon Hale from BITMO, and 18 residents.

The very low crime figures were well received and Sergeant Hunter gave the residents details of a silver Mondeo, whose occupants were responsible for a burglary yesterday on Aberfield Drive. Since the meeting Sergeant Hunter has received some information about this vehicle from a member of the public who was at this meeting, which is very helpful.

The date of the next meeting is yet to be decided due to the holiday season approaching.