Belle Isle & Middleton in Bloom plant spring bulbs

3On a very cold day in December the Belle Isle & Middleton in Bloom team met up with Parks and Countryside along with Aidan and Casie, to plant Bulbs in three areas in Winrose Avenue.

I must say although cold, not as cold as two weeks before when we planted trees.

The spring bulbs (two large sacks) were donated by Parks and Countryside, Holbeck Depot. Thank you very much for that. They also provided the spades for us to do our handiwork.

The raised beds where a lot of shrubs had already been planted, is where we dug shallow trenches and the spring daffodil bulbs were planted. Just deep enough for the frost not to get to them, but not too deep as would have problems growing. So in a few months’ time will be awash with colour.

Brings back memories, when I had a  garden where I used to live and planted spring and autumn bulbs.1

I often wish been able to stay in Middleton, lovely area overlooking Park, but was not to be.

Also I remember last year that Spring Bulbs coming up through the grass verges near me and Middleton Ring Road. No sign of these yet, last year was out in November. Hmm.

Quote, Julie Holmes. Bulb planting in Winrose Avenue.

“Thanks to Kim, Lynne, Ken, Chris, Julie, Casie, Aidan and Parks and Countryside – Holbeck Depot.”

2Anyone wanting to join the Belle Isle & Middleton in Bloom group. Please leave your comments to this blog at the bottom of this page. Thank you. We will contact you.

We also have monthly meetings, these usually at BITMO GATE.

Thanks to Lynne Spirrett for providing the photos.

Happy Hew Year to everyone.