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Gather acorns for a million more trees in Leeds

The nursery rhyme suggested we gather nuts in May, but Leeds Parks are asking us to collect them through October and November. Here’s an opportunity for a great family activity taking in nature, local green spaces and exercise. At the same time, you can help Leeds achieve its aim of

South Leeds Roundup: From Parliament to Parks

  Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook. It’s not strictly a South Leeds story, but we start this week with Hilary Benn MP. He has posted the speech he gave in Parliament paying tribute to his father Tony Benn

Area Committee to discuss community hub at St George’s Centre

  Plans to pilot new arrangements at St George’s Centre in Middleton are on the agenda for the Inner South Area Committee meeting on Wednesday (19 March 2014). St Georges Centre already features a one stop centre for Council services, a library, a jobclub, credit union counter as well as

Get ready for the Middleton Park Craft, Flower & Produce Show

  Are you ready for the Friends of Middleton Park‘s Craft, Flower and Produce Show? It’s on Sunday 15th September, from 1-4pm. Now in its fourth year, the event will also mark the official opening of the new visitor centre by Hilary Benn MP. There are lots of classes to