Belle Isle And Middleton In Bloom Group, Plant Trees In Local Area.

10696295_1548874195325824_1464588949145663083_n[1]Made my way to Rosedale Fields to help plant trees, along with Belle Isle and Middleton in Bloom Group, BITMO Caretakers and Staff and with Leeds Parks & Countryside dept.

Was a very cold and misty morning, so wrapped up well in case just standing about doing nothing.

10, Trees for planting overlooking Old Run Road, Belle Isle and  South Leeds High School.

Some people were already hard at it digging holes for the trees, me along with others grabbed some spades. I asked where I should start to dig holes for the trees. Leeds City Parks dep’t said where the white crosses were.

The crosses where about 18 inches in diameter. We soon realised when they brought the trees to go into the holes, we needed to dig 3 foot at least in diameter.

The ground was very hard and full of rubble. My guess is that when the dug the foundations for the Rosedale estate all the rubble that came from those foundations must have been laid across what now is a field and grassed over. Also clay was only 6 inches down when you usually hit clay about 3 feet down, Again this may have come from house foundations.DSCF1400

Was cutting sack around tree root to go into hole, this curved knife I was using slipped and cut my leg. Was asked if OK.

Please, unless a chef’s knife don’t let me near a knife again. Lol.

I soon realised should not have come wrapped up. Maybe I should have worn my running gear as for Park Run.

After about two hours, we all left it to the Caretakers and Parks dept, to stamp in some posts to secure the tree against the winter weather.

P1150029I think everyone from Belle Isle in Bloom, BITMO Staff and Leeds City Parks dept did a fantastic job in very cold and difficult conditions. Well done to everyone.

Made my way back to BITMOs GATE for refreshments. Cup of coffee a scone, and a mince pie.

Some lady had brought them in for us to test, and eat before selling on her BITMOs GATE Christmas Stall. Excellent baking and I’m sure will sell very well.

Made my way home for a rest, put my feet up. Note to myself, after today; take it easy on Park Run on Saturday.

Look forward to our next planting session, as long as I don’t have to kneel down, as someone will have to give me a lift back up.


Belle Isle and Middleton in Bloom Planting- November 2014.

Belle Isle and Middleton in Bloom volunteers doing some planting Friday 21st November.

The ‘In Bloom’ group volunteers meet each month to plan ways of improving the area. Email us if you want to find out more enquiries

Photographs by

Lynne Spirrett, Julie Holmes and Kenneth Ingram.

Slide show phtographs by Julie Holmes.