Community unites to celebrate positive projects

People from across the diverse south Leeds communities gathered yesterday for a vibrant, packed-out event to celebrate the many positive local projects generated and supported through the Community First funding programme in the ‘City and Hunslet’ ward over the past three years.

The Hamara Centre in Beeston Hill was packed with 160+ attendees, enjoying a dazzling array of performances, presentations, food from around the world, and a lot of good ol’ fashioned chit-chat.

Image courtesy of South Leeds Community Alliance

Performers included: Latvian traditional dance, poetry and song; classical Indian ‘Katthak’ dancing, courtesy of South Asian Arts UK; a mesmerising magician; haunting santoor and tabla music (traditional Indian stringed instruments); a ‘Gatka’ sword performance, by the Khalsa Singh Brothers; and a majestic Chinese Lion Dance with drumming.

Attendees had only good things to say about the event. Comments included: “it was great to see how diverse and talented our community is”; “an unforgettable event: so many people from different cultures united by dance and music”; “what a great event: we loved the food and hospitality”; and “an outstanding multicultural event, that epitomised what multi-culturalism is and should be.”

Event host Gohar Almass Khan, of the South Leeds Community Alliance, summarised by saying: “I’m proud to be a citizen of such a beautiful, diverse and colourful city as Leeds. Let’s celebrate our differences, share our good values and traditions with each other, and live peacefully and harmoniously with unity in our United Kingdom.”

Community First was a grassroots community funding scheme, especially for low-income areas, set up by central government and administered by the CDF in association with local partners (in south Leeds, Health for All). Although the scheme is now coming to a close, click here for further info – including the local projects and events that were supported through it.