Belle Isle 500 Winner: My Story

All this week South Leeds Life have been publishing the winning stories from this years Belle Isle 500 short story competition and today we present our final winning story by Xiao Yi Weng from Windmill Primary School.

There were over 150 entries to the competition from pupils in years 5 and 6 at Windmill, Low Road and Clapgate Primary Schools and the winners were revealed at the awards ceremony held last week (4 December 2017) at the GATE Community Resource Centre in Belle Isle. Well done to all the pupils who took part. Our final winner of the week is My Story, by Xiao Yi Weng. Merry Christmas!!

My Story, by Xiao Yi Weng

I was somewhere else, a different place, a different world, a different dimension. At first I felt nervous and scared, alone and shivering. I walked slowly and quietly along the path looking out for any attacks. The surroundings looked like crisps and popcorn, as if it was crisp land. I had a taste of the tree crisps, wondering if I should eat them or not. They tasted crunchy and crispy but not at all poisonous. As I kept on walking, in my view, I could see a gingerbread hut all decorated from top to bottom.

From the window of the hut I could see an old woman staring at me, smiling too, as if she already knew me. She opened the door and offered me to go in. I knew I could trust her, the smile on her face made me feel warm and welcomed. She was like my grandmother. As I sat down playful elves were dancing around saying words that that I didn’t understand. It was as if they were this old woman’s companions. Finally she broke the silence by talking to me about her trapped friends while I had a drink of hot chocolate. She spoke to me for hours upon hours, giving me advice upon advice. It wasn’t long before it was bedtime so she gave me a blanket and I slept, not worrying about the danger.

The next morning the wise woman gave me everything I needed in a magic backpack where you can put many things inside. I followed the path to the portal palace where it was said that there is only one portal and you tell it where you want to go. It will then teleport you to that place.

When I got there I had some food to give me energy and prepared for a battle if the enemy spotted me. Finally it was time to go. As I approached the magic portal I began telling the portal where I wanted to go. I suddenly felt all weird and dizzy and that’s when I found myself all cramped up at the start of the tunnel.

As I approached the cell I took a deep breath and crawled. Eventually I got to the end of the tunnel and without hesitation I opened a door finding several elves sat in a corner crying. As they finally noticed me watching, they danced with joy. It took a while to calm the elves down, then we sped into the tunnel quick.

As we approached the portal we held hands and shouted where we wanted to go. A few seconds later we were at the wise woman’s front door. Before I went home I had food there and we chatted for a while. I waved to them as I went. I could also hear her saying thank you and come back soon.

I suddenly felt another dizziness and that’s when I found myself in my own bed at home. The last sentence I spoke was: ‘was that a dream of was it real?’


This post was written by James Major using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.