Beeways: loving and using Beeston footpaths

Team Beeston is a group of people from local churches, community groups and schools who work with Leeds Citizens to campaign for positive change in the community.

We have been listening to stories of local people and are working together for the footpaths in Beeston to be improved. The stories come from adults and children, families, and individuals.

From these stories we are concerned that paths are not only adopted by the City Council, but are also well maintained and wide enough to be widely used for accessing schools, shops, and homes.

We wish users to have safe and easy access with surfaces suitable for all, especially those with prams, buggies, and wheelchairs. The picture indicates the kind of problems which can be encountered when travelling these paths.

We also know that using the paths more is better for our health because it means being able to walk away from roads with heavy traffic and pollution and avoid making short car journeys.

The points are made by Leeds City Council in their own Connecting Leeds Transport Strategy. Council Leader James Lewis states “the journey starts with local areas. Creating healthier streets that are safer, greener and accessible to all and delivering local schemes will be a priority.”

Cllr Helen Hayden, Executive Member for Infrastructure and Climate goes on to say “people are already reducing shorter car trips by walking, wheeling, or biking. We will also work tirelessly, to continue conversation with residents and businesses to support our ambitions.”

To help with this we want you to be involved:

Please tell us your story of using an off-road footpath in Beeston. We are gathering stories and the things we would like to happen as a result to present at a meeting in February to which Council officers and local councillors will be invited.

If you have a story please email: and we will provide a template letter so that all our stories are recorded in the same format. Please also indicate if you would like to attend the meeting and we will get back to you with details.


This post was written by  Ian Waterhouse

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  1. With regards to the footpath in pic. It states footpaths are well maintained, this one CERTAINLY is NOT. The path is very much a certain TRIP HAZARD, ALWAYS dodging puddles after rain, ALWAYS broken glass and stupid people walk their dogs along it ( not thinking it cud cost them arm and a leg at vets, and dogs can bleed to death) Very poorly lit at night, and it only just got a cut back I think it was at end of summer.

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