Beeston man’s Bushtucker trial

Beeston resident Callum Thomas is set to do a live Bushtucker trial on Thursday (10 December 2020) based on the ITV programme I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

The challenge is for Callum to get donations of food for local struggling family’s in Beeston this Christmas. The challenge will consist of eating insects and other things that no person would want to eat.

The idea to do this started when Callum’s friend Darren suggested a bushtucker trial which Callum said he wasn’t going to back out of. Having seen people doing it on TikTok Callum said:

“I am doing this with the help of Darren and hopefully to try take pressure off struggling people this Christmas.

“I have to prepare for the worst because Darren will not make it easy for me knowing him, and he will want real karma for the times I’ve pranked him.”

Anyone who wishes to donate food items we thank you kindly. Anyone who wishes to donate please contact Callum Thomas on 07742 499630 or email Updates will come when we have an accurate time, but due to the watershed it will be after 9pm.


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