The Beeston Neighbourhood Forum hold meeting March 3rd

Robert Winfield

The Beeston Neighbourhood Forum will be holding a special event at Beeston Parish Centre , Town Street, Leeds, LS11 8PN between 11am-2pm on Saturday 3 March 2018 .

Local residents will be able to drop in to the event at any time between these times and give their views as to how to make Beeston a better place.

A number of local community groups, and neighbourhood forums in other parts of Leeds have been invited to take a table at the event .

The Beeston Neighbourhood Forum is in the process of writing a Neighbourhood Plan. As part of the process of writing the plan, we are required to consult extensively with local residents and retain evidence of this consultation, so that the plan properly reflects the views of residents.

If the Plan is approved by local residents in a referendum, Leeds City Council will be required to consider the Neighbourhood Plan when taking planning decisions. The event on 3 March is your chance to have your say.


2 Replies to “The Beeston Neighbourhood Forum hold meeting March 3rd”

  1. Good to tackle the prostitution zone, definately get rid. Noisey drunken Europeans, bad landlords, also bad hygiene rating on takeaways, questioning why the council takes the money for bad food yet us customer who have ate the rubbish don’t even get a health check?
    Whats going on?
    Peadophiles! Violent Drug dealers! Misfit Teenagers.
    Lack of work for teenagers (paper rounds not too popular nowadays)
    These little parks, for dogs or kids, not for both – God bless our carpets. Wow so many awful issues. Maybe we should vote a different party, one we can trust that doesn’t throw strikes and spanners in the works when the going gets tough. Lovely place Beeston….ahem! As always as usual. The list goes on, who’s more at fault the criminals or the police? No offense, but being more on legal side of things I feel more at threat by the police than any criminal does! Are the police lazy in this area, or do they just not care. Criminals are let off far too easy and victims are left like ducks on a fair ground shooting stall. So many issues an absolute must to turn up and make a difference, thankyou so much to the organisers… I jurst might make it.

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