Bank Holiday Monday … just the perfect weather!

I went to Zimbabwe and back on Bank Holiday Monday!

Finally, this is what we had been waiting for. I could not make up my mind on what to do, but one thing for sure, I was not going to stay indoors glued to the tele like I normally do.

Gound nuts - also known as Monkey Nuts
Ground nuts – also known as Monkey Nuts

Sitting in the garden, taking in the sun, I was on WhatsApp linking with a few friends. Suddenly came in an invite… It said “Meet me in Zimbabwe for farming.” Strange as it sounded at first, this was the coolest invitation I had received so I accepted it and took off.

Where I come from, people till their land and prepare for the planting season when the sun is scorching. No wonder this idea came to my friend’s head. Just as well, perfect timing as he was off-work on this day. I found myself at an allotment and surprise, surprise! My friend has all his gardening tools imported from Zimbabwe! He even has various crop seeds direct from Zimbabwe.

“I am so far away from home but where I am, I will make it my home and enjoy it just as much. Sadly, there is nothing at all I can do to customise the weather to my needs, but what I can, I will do. This is it. Shortly, we will be enjoying exotic Zimbabwean fresh food crops grown on Yorkshire soil”.

I could see the excitement and fulfillment in my friend’s eyes as he said this. What reason did I have not to join him? None whatsoever. Don’t just miss “home” – do something about it!

White Corn
White Corn

Admittedly, if anyone would change anything about this country, it would be the weather. It is no wonder that people look to warmer places like Spain, Africa, Florida among other places on retirement. My friend has decided to live his life to the fullest despite the weather. Thank God for the brilliant weather on Bank Holiday Monday – otherwise I would have missed out on this momentous visit to my friend’s miniature Zimbabwe in Yorkshire.


I will be uploading pictures of “our Zimbabwe in Yorkshire” here, shortly…



This article was written by Sithembile Moyo using our Community Reporters website

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