Beware Of Rogue Tradesmen

Be careful of tradesmen who come to your door telling you that you need your roof or guttering doing quickly.

Courtesy of CASAC
Photo courtesy of CASAC

There seems to be a spate of these people operating in Beeston just lately. We’ve had three in the space of a fortnight.

The last one who came nearly hammered our door down, and was very aggressive when I said “No thank you”. He said that I’d refused because he was an Irish Gypsy living in a caravan. I told him that we knew someone who would do the job for us. If they get too aggressive or threatening contact your local police team.

If someone comes to your door asking if you wish to have work done, ask for a written quotation on a headed invoice. When you’ve got that, check that any phone number or website actually exists. There is a contractor with a van that has a phone number on that doesn’t exist. Also a website that doesn’t exist.

Don’t give any money in advance, a genuine tradesman will have some working capital. Don’t be pressured into having the work done immediately.

If you need any work doing, try and get a recommendation from a friend or neighbour. Use the Yellow Pages, or a website such as Leeds Directory or CASAC.


This article was written by Martyn White using our Community Reporters website