Bands in Cross Flatts Park 2018 kicks off

Organised by the Friends of Cross Flatts Park (FoCFP) each year – this brings music to the heart of the local communities and is great family fun.

Friends of Cross Flatts Park: Cllr Al Garthwaite, Christine Thornton, Louise Peters, Vivienne Bate, Cllr Andrew Scopes, Cllr Angela Gabriel & Cllr Paul Wray

Cllr Andrew Scopes said:

“This is a great event that encourages us to make the most of the amazing Cross Flatts Park, I’d like to extend my thanks to FoCFP, the band and those who attended”

The first of this year’s Cross Flatts Park ‘Band’s in the Park’ was held on Saturday (17 June), with the unique Birds and Beasts band who sing exclusively about animals! It was well attended despite the grey skies, but there is plenty of space for more next week with more live music.

The band kicked off with a song about hippos – a herd or a ‘bloat’ of them! The humour along with the excellent music was a credit to the band who had edited some of their songs to be family friendly.

Cllr Paul Wray said:

“The lyrics were beyond funny, family friendly and all round good fun. It is the work of community groups like FoCFP who go to great efforts to put on events like this that make our communities so special.”

With two more events to go this year – you won’t to miss this wonderful community event. Both run 2:30-4:30pm at the Westonian Pavilion. Sunday 24 June will be played by ‘The Caribbeans’ and Sunday 8 July will be played by the ‘Celtic Productions’ and will also feature the Annual Beeston Dog Show.