Aspiring Communities present new plans for Ice Pak site


Aspiring Communities have prepared new plans for the controversial Ice Pak site on Barkly Road in Beeston and are holding two events to share their plans with local residents.

Ice Pak Barkly Road 2The group’s original plans submitted for planning permission were withdrawn in March this year after hundreds of objections were lodged. The group have now scaled back their plans to focus on the sports hall with prayer and meeting rooms. The catering facility, community offices and minaret have all been dropped in favour of extra car parking spaces.

Ash Mahmood from Aspiring Communities said:

“Residents complained that the scheme was too big, that there was not enough parking and there were concerns about using the rear entrance. We have listened and we hope residents will come and find out about our updated proposals.

“We have always wanted our building to be used by the community, so we want to hear people’s ideas for events and activities.”

On Wednesday 17 September 2014 Aspiring Communities will host a drop-in session on site at Barkly Road from 2-7pm. Residents will be able to see the detailed plans for the buildings and chat to members of the group. Light refreshments will be provided.

On Thursday 18 September the group will hold a more formal meeting which will include a presentation of the revised plans with a chance to ask questions and discuss the project. This meeting will be held at Beeston Parish Centre (St Mary’s) on Town Street, Beeston at 7:30pm.

45 Replies to “Aspiring Communities present new plans for Ice Pak site”

  1. Cross Flatts residents were totally against the first proposal and nothing really has changed . Listen to the people that it affects .

  2. To mirror what has already been said, scaled or not.
    Crossflatts residents are not interested in this thinly disguised place of worship.
    There are enough religious orientated buildings in this area without another.
    more parking or not… we don’t need 140 extra cars whizzing around,

    I’ll do my best to stop this..

    By the way – what is aspiring communities interest in 114 – 116 Barkly Road??

    Does ‘aspiring’ mean ‘taking over’?

  3. Everyone is entitled to there opinion. However you do not represent the entire community. I am looking forward to having some of the facilities the other side of the park has enjoyed for so long. This is a 5 minute walk from my house, therefore
    is convenient for me and my family.

  4. Looking forward to finally getting closure on this project. I think it will be a tremendous facility for the locality once its completed. I for one support it wholeheartedly.

  5. I for one AM a Cross Flatts resident and think this is a wonderful and multi beneficial idea. It will be good to have a sports facility within walking distance.

  6. I am looking forward to have a facilty that will facilate activities for women. This site is very close to my house, therefore convenient for me and my children.
    I look forward to when it is completed.

  7. In British society the Mosque is three distinct spaces rolled into. Firstly, and most importantly a place of worship where devotees can practice and develop their spirituality. Secondly it is a centre of learning for the young and the old and thirdly it is a public place for meeting, social intercourse, bringing people together and sustaining integrated recreational activities, place of funeral and marriage and festivals. The Mosque is the operational base for community building. It is where Muslims can cooperate and support young and old people to build healthier and multi-faith society. The benefit of such mosques can be summarised as follows:

    1. An effective vehicle for social change.

    2. Binds people around a common faith and shared vision for society.

    3. Provides cultural values and an Islamic atmosphere, i.e. an alternative culture. This offers protection from the onslaught of any dominant immoral and corrupt culture that may exist in society.

    4. It pools talents, resources and efforts for promoting good and checking wrong in society. It increases social and political capacity enabling effective actions for building a just and moral society.

    5. Provides the continuing spiritual, moral intellectual and social development of its members, so as to support them in becoming competent citizens and leaders of society.

  8. I will be attending Icepak to view the new plans on Wednesday 17th September. After walking from Dewsbury Road to John Charles Sports Centre which was along way by foot. It will be an advantage to the local community to have a sport facility which will be easily accessible to all.

  9. I will be going to view the new plans at the Icepak building on Wednesday 17 September and look forwards to see this site and the facilities it as when it is completed. I co-run a group for all children aged 5-19 years with special needs and their families and hope to use this building and their facilities. I hope this will pass planning permission and look forwards to seeing the children’s smiling faces when playing there.

  10. I think some of the plans sound great, but do have to question the prayer room , will all faiths all be able to use these facilities? The comment from Tahena above suggests that it will be an Mosque in everything but name.In my Opinion lose the Faith element and create a building for the community as a whole not just a section of it.

  11. Personally i am looking forward to the development of this centre. I believe it is the perfect oppertunity for all faiths to organise groups in which each and everyone can learn the concepts of peoples believes and learn to respect one anothers beliefs rather than be judgemental.
    I am sure the local community will all benefit from some aspect of the centre. There is nothing of the sort in Beeston/crossflatts area
    Especially one that is multifaith
    We should give Aspiring Communities the chance to show what they can achieve.
    People who give negative feedback should look into what the organisation have already been doing to support the local community
    I wish them all the best.

  12. I keep hearing the terms ” multi faith ” used to describe this mosque.
    After looking at the glossy brochure dropped through my door recently i cant still see where any faith other than Muslim is being catered for ?
    Can you please tell me where on the plans there are facilities or prayer rooms for Christian , Jewish , Hindu or any other religion you would like to name ???

    1. Hi Dave

      The centre does cater for people of other faiths. This has been included on the plans and this is the multi faith centre. Just to clarify once again if this was a mosque we would call it a mosque.

      Thank you for your comments and please do come along on the 17th and 18th.

  13. Just to clarify ,,can you please list for me Naz what facilities are available to persons of a non muslim religion ??
    And the reason you dont call it a mosque is that you will have more sucess when you call it a “multi faith ” center or sports hall etc.
    The main prayer room muslim ,,, ablutions muslim ,,shoe room muslim ..come on Naz have the balls to tell the truth on your intentions for this site , dont try and palm us of with a token gym etc

  14. Hi Dave no matter what we say it looks like you want to believe what you want.
    1. Multi Faith centre for all people of all and no faith
    2. Sports centre hall
    4. Showers
    5.changing rooms parking
    7.youth skills room
    Is that enough for you my friend. We made our intentions clear today for those who visited and will repeat what we said today tomorrow too. We know we will never convince every individual or please everyone. By the sound of your response it doesn’t look like you will believe whatever we tell you.

    I hope a day will come when you might accept what we are telling you. Hope the list of facilities answers your question.

    Thank you

  15. Living in the cross flatts I fully support this project and believe it will begin to bring different communities and faiths together. I am married with a young daughter. Me and my wife will definitely be using these facilities. I truly admire Aspire Communities for trying to bring communities together and dont understand why there is such negativity. Come on let’s get behind the charity and support them as much as we can. This facility and centre will be great for our community.

  16. Think your response sums up my fears for this mosque perfectly naz
    Hopefully the local non muslim community will successfully repel this 2nd attempt for the barkly road mosque.
    Some affordable housing would be a far better option and give the local community something it actually needs ,not this sham

  17. Dave
    What would you opnions have been if a church was built in the same site or another religious place of worship???
    There are many non muslims who are with the idea and live in the local community.

  18. my opinions would have been exactly the same if it was a church that was planned.
    We have enough churches in the vicinity to cater for all.
    Most of these have halls for hire and uses for the community , there is the john charles sports center very near for those needing a gym or other sports halls and there are plenty of mosques and other facilities for muslims in the tempest road area which is only a few minutes from this planned mosque.
    What the area needs is affordable housing for all with hopefully sensible rents.

  19. Hi Dave

    “Planned Mosque”

    The guys from aspiring communities have told us its not a mosque and they should be given the opportunity to prove what they are telling us. Yes its got a prayer facility but they have also said this can be used by other faiths so long as they follow the etiquettes of the room. Lets give the charity a chance to show what they can deliver.

    1. In response to Waseem comments of 20/9 could you advise what the “etiquettes ” are that will need to be followed to use the prayer room

  20. The john charles centre is not walkable distance for those of us who have no car and young children
    If a organisation has bought the building they should be able to decide what they would like to do to it.
    Whatever they do with it some people will still find something to moan over.

  21. That’s not how democracy works, Shaz.

    As for whether it is a multi-faith centre, or a mosque, I’m certain that it is a mosque, dressed up as something different.

    Now, I have no problems with there being a mosque built in Beeston – on the proviso that it blends in to it’s surroundings (as the proposals do, in fairness) and it doesn’t cause unnecessary disruption to the local area – and these are where my concerns lie.

    What I would ask, if I was a planning official, would be for the group to find a more suitable location for the development – it’s not as if there aren’t any suitable sites in Beeston, indeed the area is crammed with better sites.

    Many of them on this particular side of Cross Flatts Park, before anyone asks/starts throwing accusations of racism around!

  22. Right ok, i have put my objections forward both to the original scheme and now to this revised scheme.

    I have had a sit down chat for nearly 2 hours with Naz and Vaz who are two of the leading members of this “charity”. I was unable to attend the open meetings as i was away on holiday at the time.

    I came away from this meeting feeling no more confident that this building is nothing but a Mosque with a Sports Hall.

    Guys look at the plans, the second floor is 90% geared towards the muslim faith with a cupboard in the corner called the “Multi-faith” centre.

    Now i have looked both these men in the eye and i truely believe that what they are hoping to do is genuine i.e. try and break down barriers and bring a little more cohesion to the local community.

    Unfortunately, as i explained to both these men, the Muslim community are the ones that have put up these barriers and have burned their bridges by what has happened in the past.

    Please do not forget that it was a group of young Muslim men who were working on the exact same kind of thing 10 years ago. Mohammed Sidique Khan was a community worker and mentor who wanted to help the vunerable. I am sure that i dont need to tell you how that turned out!

    Also i have noticed that things have gone very quiet about the 8 men of Pakistani background from the Beeston area that are currently under investigation for child grooming.

    I live literally around the corner from this site and i have to say i am happy with how things are. There is no really big issues and we have plenty of sports provision in the area. This is neither required or wanted by the local residents.

    As i said to the gentlemen on Saturday from Aspiring Communities, you can definitely be commended on what you would like to do but unfortunately you have bought the wrong site in the wrong area. The vast majority of residents around the site oppose the plans and it should not be allowed to go ahead with that kind of opposition. While i appreciate what they would like to do i honestly believe that if the local residents are ignored it will have the exact opposite affect and drive more wedges in the community.

    The only suitable use for this piece of land is for affordable houses to be built.

  23. Hi Adam

    You are entitled to think what you like. I find it quite surprising that on one side you are commending the chaps for what they are trying to do and on one side in directly saying you don’t believe what they are telling you about their proposed project and hence calling them liars.

    As a resident from the cross flatts area, I believe that this is a centre with many community benefits and will be fully supporting the project. I sincerely believe what they are telling us and can’t wait for this unique centre to be up and running. You say a lot of people don’t approve but at the same time there is a good number of local people who fully support this project. Just give the guys a chance and lets try and just get along with one another in peace and harmony.

  24. Adam are you labelling the whole muslim community?
    There is just a small minority of muslims that cause trouble where as most muslims are civil people who prefer a peaceful happy life style
    You have pin pointed the muslim community which have carried out these horrible acts which we do not agree with but what about all the non muslims that carry out acts like this, is it because they are not labelled muslims there acts not aknowledged as much.
    In my eyes this is discrimination against the muslim community.

  25. Shaz,

    Can you first clear up which type of things like blow up buses and trains full of innocent commuters, and beheading of off duty soldiers on home soil the non-Muslim people do? Also do you personally know “most Muslim people” to make an assertion about them?
    When people speak honestly and openly about their fears &amp those of much of the community, we would be best to listen and absorb what people say, then figure out how to ease/allay those fears. Shouting racist does you no credit and actually stifles conversation and destroys constructive debate. Please don’t over-react to a person who is honest enough to tell the truth (as he sees it).
    We seem to be quick to forget the suspicion around Irish people during the height of the IRA attacks on England, and how long it took for that trust to return.
    I don’t think anything racist has been said here but we need to be careful that we don’t push it that way. Things easily get heated with these types of discussion and people can sometimes say things they regret, but are too late to take back.
    If aspiring communities are serious about a project to bring the local communities together, then I would suggest that they need to work much more closely with the locals most affected by the development. They should find out how to build trust before they even consider submitting more plans. That would be a great show of faith and a first step on the path to to building bridges.

  26. That’s absolutely fine and these are precisely some of the issues that we will be tackled including responsibilities of local Muslims through our involvement with the government Prevent agenda we commenced over 18 months ago. However the debate needs to move from rhetoric to real community action against all inhumane acts and atrocities which have no place and in any religion- that’s what Aspiring Communities stand for!

  27. If I was to list things non muslims crime I’d be here all day plus I’m not racist so would not like to judge a whole race of people over acts that were carried out by some few people who have disfunctional brains…obviously they’re people have severe problems.
    I did not say I know the whole muslim community but stated a comment which I know would be agreed by many muslim and non muslims. Maybe you should go ask a few muslims what their thoughts were regarding the murder of Lee Rigby and the incidents on the bus and train. I’d be surprised if you found people who agreed to the inhuman acts.

    For a better insight why don’t you ring the guys from Aspiring Communities and tell them what you think the community need. I’m sure they would agree to listen and take on board your views and I suggest you look in to the work they have already achieved, I can defo vouch for them to say they have tried their best to involve the whole community no mater what race, colour, religion, etc etc.

  28. Dear all.

    I appreciate what you are all saying but please do not brand me a racist as I am no such thing and find those kind of people despicable, within ALL branches of our society!!!. It was that kind of reaction and fear of that kind of reaction that allowed these gangs of child abusers to get away with it for so long!!

    I was merely stating facts about what I and a lot of my neighbours and friends have discussed and have genuine concerns about. I asked aspiring communities if it can be guaranteed that these elements of the community will not be coming to this centre. They couldn’t do that but said that training would be received to try and identify these people.

    Yes I said that I believe the gentlemen from Aspiring communities were genuine, however taking into consideration that the plans show the majority of the 2nd floor space dedicated to just one faith I believe the genuineness is more geared towards their own faith rather than all.

    If the faith area part of this building was not specific to just one religion then I would fully believe what was being said. The fact is that the vast majority of that floor space is specific to the Muslim faith and rules such as the removal of shoes must be abided by. I accept this in a mosque but not in a multi faith centre where 1 religion is making the rules. I hope u can understand this. Due to this fact I still see this proposal as a mosque with a sports hall rather than a true multi faith centre. That is just my opinion!

    Every religious group within society has its different elements with numbers of people who are strict, moderate etc. We discussed this at length and agreed that this would be the biggest challenge. Unfortunately I don’t see this proposal as being the answer to this as it is leaning too far towards one particular faith in both floor space and the look of the building!

    I spoke at length with aspiring communities about my concerns and I have to say they were welcoming and genuinely nice guys. I just don’t think this proposal is quite right to be described as a multi faith centre!

    Shaz, please do not accuse me of discrimination, you do not know me. If you did you would be appalled by that comment! However with 90% of floor space in a multi faith centre dedicated to just 1 faith that is discrimination towards all other faiths and people with no faith!

    Thank you Craig for helping to get my point across.


  29. In addition I would like to throw these out there:

    Can u show me anything within these plans that take into account any other religion apart from Islam? Is there an Alter or an Ark?

    Would the Muslim community be happy if this centre was adorned on the front with a Christian Cross, Khanda and Star of David?

    Let’s be honest about this now. Different religions have been at loggerheads with each other since the beginning of time, virtually every war in the history of mankind has been driven by a religious element . Nothing will change that and if you believe that this proposal is the answer then I believe you are wrong.

    In a perfect world we would all have the same beliefs and get on peacefully but this is not a perfect world.

    The only way that a centre like this will work is if there is no religious element at all. The divisions within society exists because of religion!!!!

    I am fighting this proposal because it is not required and not wanted by the majority of local residents. I also believe that because it leans towards one particular faith it will drive further wedges between the community, it would be the same with any other religion! The gentlemen I spoke to do have a vision which I commend, but in my opinion it is a vision of a few people rather than the majority.

  30. Hi
    I am a local resident and have lived here for many years. As a practising Muslim I was really happy to hear that there would be a prayer facility close to where I live. I admire what Aspiring Communities are trying to do and I believe we can all live peacefully as one community. The prayer facility including the mutltifaith centre can be used by all. It upsets me that why should people be scared. Majority of us are peaceful and respect all people and religions. Why should the majority be blamed for the actions of a minority. Lets live together in peace. Extremists those involved in child grooming don’t represent me, any of my family and the rest if the Muslim community that live in my area. Why should people judge me and my friends and families because of the actions of some idiots. They don’t represent Islam.

  31. Hiya

    I have been against this development since the beginning even though it has been re-designed it still doesn’t fit in with other properties around it, Surly there are other sites around more suited to this development .
    I do not recall anyone knocking on my door to ask about what we think the land should be used for ….personally i think housing is the way to go.
    I can understand that what has happened in Beeston over the years has caused a lot of mistrust with in the community and i dont feel this development will help, it is more likely to push the community further apart.
    Also how is a prayer room which is separate to the “multi-faith” room going to bring everyone together ? people will arrive say their prayers and leave …..what good is that going to be ?
    I already struggle with asthma and having a build up of traffic isn’t going to help, theres going to be more pollution and noise , and next to a primary school i think its inappropriate .
    I have to agree with Adam on the issues he has raised with regards to the proposal of the so-called multi faith centre …….. or as i feel it should be called what it is designed as a mosque .


  32. I would also like to ask that if Aspiring Communities were to remove the prayer facilities and change how it looks on the outside to concentrate on it been more of a local gym , sports hall maybe a dance studio would more people use it ….. would that not suit the community better ?
    Just another idea .

  33. I personally would love to see this community centre opened, I believe it will bring the community together rather than further segregating it. I have four children who are all under the age of 13 will definitely benefit greatly from having a facility such as this on my doorstep. I haven’t seen anyone even attempting this kind of venture before and I realize the struggle you’ve endured in trying to remain positive and constructive, so on that basis I wish aspiring communities the best in achieving this goal..

  34. I have no issue with there been a building like this but remove all aspects of religion making it a complete community centre.
    Making it a place of worship is going to add more issues to an already upset community .
    Do we really want to make the gap bigger i know i don’t . I still would prefer housing on this site ………building a mosque in the middle of an residential area just seems wrong.

  35. We have stated many times if it was a mosque we would call it a mosque. Regardless of what we say we will always be lying so it seems pointless to keep on saying it. Doesn’t look like you are going to believe what we say.

    You have an opinion and we respect that.

    Thank you

  36. Thank you for admitting to that

    “Regardless of what we say we will always be lying ”

    Its nice to have some honest statements from you , could we have more honesty from you ?

  37. Dear Sara, thanks for expressing your views which we fully respect. The sole purpose of the project is to breakdown and overcome stereotypes, not an easy task and destined to have numerous challenges as a truly ground breaking scheme. Furthermore this is a path of honesty rather than deceit as you suggest. Many thanks for your comments.”

  38. Hi, I am a local resident &amp don’t live too far from the ice pak site. After reading some of the comments on here, I can fully appreciate some residents concerns in regards to what has happened in Beeston in the past from people who call them selves Muslim but don’t practice on the peaceful religeon, but at the same time carry out barbaric acts.

    Just to confirm, these people don’t represent Islam for what it really is.

    In the last 10 years Muslims have been branded and called all sorts of names under the sun, but I can tell you majority of Muslims in the UK condole these acts.

    Back to the project, I fully support what aspiring communities are trying to do and will give help &amp support in anyway I can.

    Please let’s give this project a chance as all communities can get together in one place and use the fantastic facilities that will b provided for the locals. The good thing about the project is it opens doors for people of all faiths to interact with each other &amp raise any concerns to the people in charge, who can then liase with there own communities.

    Best of luck to the aspiring communities team, as I believe you are trying to make a difference to the community and hope this project works out well.

  39. I am totally against this idea. The sooner people sign the petition the better. Let’s not sugar coat this. Plain and simple it is a Mosque. You are only calling it multi faith to get the planning permission for the site. If you think for one minute that non Muslims will get the opportunity to go, you are deluded.

    Sign the petition people ! There’s no going back !

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