Aspiring Communities invite community to view plans

As we reported in September last year, Aspiring Communities have scaled back their plans to redevelop the Ice Pak site in Beeston into a community centre.

A fresh planning application was approved in February and the various conditions have now been met. Ahead of construction starting on site, the group are inviting local residents to attend an open day and see the revised plans.

The open day takes place on Friday (12 August 2022) on site at 49 Barkly Road, LS11 7EN


9 Replies to “Aspiring Communities invite community to view plans”

    1. Went to the Aspiring Communities ‘Open Day’ on the 12th August, to view the revised plans for the local ‘Community Centre’ that has been passed, and believe it or not, there were NO revised plans on show, just a lot of talk from the people who are supposed to be in charge of it all. Despite several of the Aspiring communities people being there, plus two police officers and maybe a handful of locals, no one is any the wiser what the plans are. We need to see the plans before demolition starts, are dust sheets to be erected to save the local residents from the dust and debris that will be scattered over the area. We were told of a 10 metre high wall around the area, a 3 metre ginnel between the area and that of Barkly Road garage for residents to use between Wooler Avenue and Barkly Road, which would be good for locals, but is it all true. Until we see the revised plans, no one really knows, but I’m sure everything will be revealed shortly. WON’T THEY?????

    1. If Angela hadn’t pushed them they would have had separate doors for men and women, cars would be parked in all nearby streets even on match days.
      I never saw this until too late are plans online?
      E en the sports centre part of it was limiting those who could attend. Its not for the locals that’s for sure.

      1. The councillors did very little to help the locals with the original planning application,which had a communal doors with the exception of the entrance to the prayer room. With regards to the on street parking this is still going to happen. The new approved planning application is 21/07509/FU and can be found on the Leeds Planning Portal. Hope this is helpful.

  1. Here we go again. The last time they did this it was a load of lies, bull and twaddle and even some councillors fell for it to begin with. Very clever, sly and deceitful people as was proved time and again during the first episode of this saga.

  2. Very proud to hear this, great news! we have been waiting for something like this to bring the community together.

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