Asda plan to include petrol pumps at Old Lane store


South Leeds Life understands that Asda is applying for further planning permission to install a small petrol station at its Old Lane store in Beeston.

Artists impression of the new Asda Store on Old Lane, Beeston
Artists impression of the new Asda Store on Old Lane, Beeston

The proposal is to install to automated pumps under a canopy on the north side of the site adjacent to the old jam factory / Tesco site. The pumps would not be staffed or have a kiosk, and presumably only take card payment at the pumps themselves.

As previously reported, Asda has planning permission to demolish the existing building and substantially increase the size of its store on Old Lane. It is currently seeking permission to extend the hours of opening and deliveries.

The petrol station plans are expected to be posted on the Council’s planning website shortly, but residents can send comments to quoting the reference number 14/05329/FU.


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  1. It seems ASDA are getting their petrol station on Old Lane despite residents objections (approved but amended hours). The planning officer’s report separates the 1,351 ‘Save our Beeston’ campaign letters from the other 8 individual objections from neighbours. The points raised in the ‘Save our Beeston’ letters are addressed in the report but the planning officer takes the view that the letters are not really site specific. What a shame. I’m sure most who signed the letters did have real concern over the ASDA site. I hope more residents will actively support/object to local planning applications in the future but perhaps individual personal letters/comments might be necessary if this case is anything to go by.

  2. Thanks Jeremy.

    I would be slightly concerned if this proposal was to go ahead, in light of the fact that there were over 1300 letters of objection to it.

    The only thing I would say is that the letters were sent in template form, but people still took the time and effort to send them in.

    Considering we are supposed to be living in a democracy, pandering to big business in the face of pretty stiff opposition is wrong.

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