Art Life: South of the River | Hypogeal: Underground with BasementArtsProject

Tuesday 7th November | 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Thursday 9th November | 10am -12pm
Friday 10th November | 10am – 12pm
Monday 13th November | 10am – 2pm
Thursday 16th November | 10am – 12pm
Friday 17th November | 10am – 12pm

Hypogeal is a type of germination that occurs underground without exposure to sunlight for photosynthesis, allowing a plant to grow until it reaches the surface. During the hypogeal stage the plant will grow a single leaf seed which sets the template for the characteristics of the plant when it surfaces above the ground.

Since April 2011 BasementArtsProject have been working with established artists and lecturers, recent graduates, undergraduates and members of the community on a vast array of projects here in the South Leeds area, as well as in places such as Liverpool, London, Stockholm and Jamestown; New York. This book and accompanying exhibition will look back at the work presented throughout 2015 as BasementArtsProject turned five years old.

The book features essays by Derek Horton, David Cotton, Anna Ratcliffe, Alan Dunn and Alistair Kaye, Dominic Hopkinson and Bruce Davies.
The exhibition will feature a selection of work from across 2015 by Phill Hopkins, Dominic Hopkinson, Lens & Chisel, Patrick Morrissey, Roadside Museum, Samela Otoviç, Giulia Ricci, Ryan Riddington and a film project by Alan Dunn run in conjunction with members of the South Leeds Community and students of Leeds Beckett University.

BasementArtsProject is an artist-led initiative, located in a pre-war, mid-terrace house in South Leeds, facilitating and promoting the activities of artists nationally and internationally whilst maintaining a broad and varied programme within the city of Leeds.

BasementArtsProject would like to thank Leeds Art Fund and posthumously Ben Read for the support that they have shown us since the very beginning. This book was produced with the support of Leeds Art Fund.

BasementArtsProject, 28 Back Burton Terrace, Beeston, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 5JH

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