Another food store for Beeston?

Farm Foods have submitted a planning application to build a new store near the Tommy Wass pub on Dewsbury Road in Beeston.

The application is to demolish the existing Sugar Mill building and build a new single storey building with car parking to the front. Vehicular access to the site would be from Oakhurst Avenue and the plans show how an articulated delivery lorry could turn within the site to avoid backing out.

The application has already drawn objections on the grounds of traffic, given how congested Dewsbury Road already is and the fact that Oakhurst Avenue is a residential street.

In her objection, local resident Suzanne Grace, draws attention to the quality and history of the building being demolished. The art deco office building was built in the 1920s for the Forgrove Machinery company – a Leeds firm that invented wrapping machines for items such as soap and chocolate. She suggests the building should be saved as part of Beeston’s heritage and could be used for small start up businesses.

Other residents point out the numerous other food stores in the area and concerns about traffic pollution.

You can view the application and comment on it via the Planning Portal on the Leeds City Council here: 17/01987/FU. Comments must be made by 12 May.


2 Replies to “Another food store for Beeston?”

  1. Whilst it may be of concern that an old building might be knocked down, why is it that the jobs that would be created from this new project are not mentioned? In a run down area like Beeston where unemployment is high, surely this project should be welcomed with open arms as it will provide many jobs and also I am sure that many of you may be aware of the low prices that Farm Foods supply their products at. It will definitely help the locals have a better choice of low priced food available to them and possibly a job to boot.

  2. Its the location that’s the major problem its very busy on Dewsbury Road and customers would be turning off on to Oakhurst Ave which is a narrow residential street. Farmfoods would be popular but some residents in Holbeck have said it would be a great addition for them as they are much more limited in supermarket choice than Beeston residents. I would also like to see this company offer a similar wage to Aldi and Lidl so local people can actually earn a decent living wage.

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