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South Leeds Life is committed to bringing local news to the people of South Leeds written by local people who know the area. We know times are tough and not everyone can afford to pay for their news, so the website and the newspaper will both remain free. Forever.

However, producing the news does cost money. We work hard to keep our costs to a minumum. There are no fancy offices or expense accounts and most of our writers are volunteers. We do need to pay our editor to hold things together and we have print costs, of course.

We don’t want to be in hock to one big funder, whether that be a grant provider, the council, or a private company. We don’t want to feel we are under any editorial pressure, real or subconscious.

We value our independence and feel we can best protect that by spreading the number of funders as wide as possible. That way if one funder or subscriber takes umbrage at our coverage of a story and withdraws their support it won’t cripple us.

We sell advertising and can sometimes access small grants, but the bedrock of our finances are organisations and individuals from our community.

We trust ourselves to you, the South Leeds community.

If you are involved in an organisation or company that would like to become a sponsor please speak to us. We offer a range of sponsorship packages that include advertising and editorial options and suit every budget.

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Asha Neighbourhood Project • BasementArtsProject • Beeston Festival • Beeston In Bloom • Beeston Community Forum • Beeston Hill United Free Church • Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust • Cockburn John Charles Academy • Cockburn School • Cottingley Primary Academy • DAZL • Friends of Cross Flatts Park • Friends of Middleton Park • Health For All • Holbeck Together • Hunslet Carr Residents Association • Jamyang Buddhist Centre • Kyle Asquith Foundation • Leeds Wood Recycling • Middleton Railway • Sharp Lane Community Centre • St Luke’s CARES • The Tech Ladder • The Tetley

We should give a special mention to two gold sponsors who are not on the list above. Both The Hunslet Club and Slimming World have had to suspend their sponsorship as their income has dried up due to Coronavirus. They have been great supporters of South Leeds Life and we hope to welcome them back when finances allow.

We are also asking readers to consider joining the pound-a-week subscription scheme. For a £4 per month you will be credited on the website and have our newspaper delivered to your door.

Please sign up online here: steadyhq.com/en/southleedslife

Thank you!

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