£50k Holbeck Moor playground works now under way


Much needed works to improve Holbeck Moor playground are now under way thanks to funding from local councillors.

Play area Holbeck MoorThe playground, close to Top Moor Side on Holbeck Moor, will be refurbished with £50,000 secured from the councillors’ Ward Based Initiative (WBI) fund and the Inner South Area Committee.

Holbeck Moor playground was in serious need of some new equipment and the work should be completed before the end of March in time for the warmer weather.

The improvements, which are being carried out by the Council’s Parks & Countryside Department, include new swings, climbing frames, a slide, merry-go-round and see saw.

Councillor David Congreve (Beeston & Holbeck) said:

“Holbeck Moor playground has been in need of improvement for some time, so it is fantastic that we have been able to fund the works which are now underway. The new swings, slides and other equipment will make the playground and the wider parkland more enjoyable and attractive for children and families. We look forward to when the playground will reopen in the next few weeks.”

The Ward Based Initiative provides councillors with funding for minor capital (one-off) schemes within their wards. Expenditure must be for the acquisition or improvement of Council assets.

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  1. As much as i would like to tell you that the regeneration is well appreciated, i would also want us to discuss why a pub on domestic street that has long to been known to accommodating prostitutes and drug deals is now being refurbished to become another pub with pool dance. Is having a house and a pub really overides the fact that our children who already feel left down due to lack of youth facilities and good education are getting exposed to worse stuffs.

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