Smoking: ‘How I kicked the habit’ by Carl*

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As part of our ongoing series of articles on quitting smoking, Belle Isle resident Carl* – a smoker of more than a decade – tells us why and how he kicked the habit.

“I did it for my children really. I have a couple of kids and I didn’t want them, to be breathing in my smoke. It’s bad for them – and it’s bad for me. I wanted them to still have a dad as they get older.

“I also didn’t want them copying me and picking up my bad habits. My wife doesn’t smoke, so the house smells a lot better now!

“It hasn’t been easy – it’s my third attempt at stopping. I got some support from the stop smoking services. I attended a local support session. They were great – a combination of stop smoking medication and professional support really helped me quit. There really is a lot of support out there.”

Carl said meeting mates who smoke made it difficult to resist going back to smoking.

“The help is great, but you need willpower as well. The family gave me that.”

Benefits to people who quite smoking include:

  • You will save money – the average smoker has 13 cigarettes a day, which works out as 364 cigarettes a month. That’s £141 a month and £1,696 a year that you could be saving by not smoking. Use the cost calculator!
  • Your sense of taste will return and you will enjoy the taste of food more.
  • Your breathing and general fitness will improve.
  • The appearance of your skin and teeth will improve.
  • You’ll be more confident in social situations because you won’t smell of stale smoke any more.
  • Your fertility levels will improve, along with your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Want more information on stopping smoking?

Phone: 0800 169 4219
Text: SMOKEFREE to 60066
More information online

You can find your local NHS Stop Smoking Service by using the postcode finder.

* Carl has asked us not to use his real name.

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