Amanda to run 12 races this year for charity

AmandaI started running to get fit and lose weight; I also decided to fundraise as a way to keep me motivated. On the days when I can’t be bothered, I think of the charity and all the lovely people that have made donations and I get out of the door. I have never regretted getting out there and going for a run.

This year, I am running for Leeds Children’s Hospital and instead of just one race, I am doing 12! I decided to run one race every month following a joke suggestion made by my husband. I have completed 4 races to date, including a 10 miler. 10 miles is the longest I have done so far, although I have signed up for the Leeds Half Marathon in May. I am now over halfway to my target of £500


I you would like to follow my progress I have a Facebook page “12 races in 12 months” and also a Just Giving page, www.justgiving/amanda-binns1


Ken says: I have known Amanda and her husband Simon for must be 20 years or more and Amanda has always been someone to go the extra mile.

Amanda can be seen quite regularly at Cross Flats Parkrun, even when not running will marshal particularly if she has a race next day.

Amanda has joined the Running group South Leeds Sisters and The Lakers. Amanda helped me to do a 10k charity walk last September for Alzheimer’s. By the time we got to and  from the  car park to start you can add another 5k to that. All this as well as being a full time nurse, or is that Sister?

So well done Amanda I’ve no doubt in my mind if there is enough races, you will do it.