Day: 7 February 2014

If you want to get on-line catch the HUGO bus

  The HUGO bus will be in Belle Isle on Monday and Tuesday this week (10-11 February 2014) helping people to get online. If you’re reading this you are probably fairly confident on the web, but perhaps you know someone who’s not online, or maybe you got a tablet for

A Feast of community art at the Tetley

  On Wednesday (12 February 2014) Leeds’ newest art gallery, the Tetley, will host an exhibition of work produced in collaboration with local community groups from South Leeds. The exhibition has been called Tetley Feast, inspired by the Hunslet Feast, a community festival that ran for over 100 years. The

Will this be the last Valentine’s Fair at Elland Road?

  Speaking at Beeston Community Forum last night (6 February) Stewart Robinson from International Fun Fairs said it was possible that 2014 would be the last Valentine’s Fair at Elland Road. The fair started 21 years ago in the city centre and proved so popular that it quickly outgrew the