Day: 26 April 2012

Breakdance Beginners Encouraged To Come To Hunslet Club

The Hunslet Club is launching a new recruitment drive for its Breakdance Classes for children and young people aged 5 to 16. Sessions are great fun for both beginners and advanced dancers. Bi-monthly Breakdance Battles also take place at the club which you can watch or take part in. Further information can

Scoop It Up: Friends of Cross Flatts Park group back dog fouling calls

The situation has improved in the park, but there are still problems, writes chair of Friends of Cross Flatts Park Angela Gabriel for our Scoop it Up anti-dog fouling campaign. We were planting our new edible garden the other day. A dog started squatting to its business, so the man

Apply for community funding in South Leeds through Aire Valley Homes

Last year Aire Valley Homes supported more than 30 local initiatives and projects in South Leeds through the Inner South Area Panel, writes Carla Yoemans. Events such as Holbeck Gala and Hunslet Festival received funding, as well as the new ‘Welcome to Middleton sign’ and the coffee mornings at Cross