Scoop It Up: Friends of Cross Flatts Park group back dog fouling calls

Join our campaign to tackle dog fouling in south Leeds. Using dog waste bins, like this in Cross Flatts Park in Beeston, is a start. Photo: John Baron

The situation has improved in the park, but there are still problems, writes chair of Friends of Cross Flatts Park Angela Gabriel for our Scoop it Up anti-dog fouling campaign.

Scoop It Up!

We were planting our new edible garden the other day. A dog started squatting to its business, so the man let it off the lead to do it and didn’t clear up.

We called him back but he ignored us. Dogs are let into the multi-use games area, which is fenced off, and allowed to run around in it, leave a parcel and then the owners just go. It’s where youngsters come to play, it’s not a dog walking facility.

It’s also illegal because you’re not allowed to let your dog off the lead in play areas. Not only is it not very pleasant to have dog dirt on your clothes and shoes, it’s potentially life-threatening. There are bins in the park, but if you can’t find one, take it home with you and put it in your own bin – dog owners must take responsibility for it as it’s a blight on the community.

Owners must take responsibility.