Young Archaeologist Club Christmas Party A Big Hit

ACOLOGISTSA budding club for aspiring young archaeologists has had great fun at their first Christmas party at Middleton Park Visitor Centre.

Councillors Judith Blake and Paul Truswell (Labour, Middleton Park) were special guests at the Leeds Young Archaeologist Club (YAC) party.

The children were asked to dress up as people from history and they put a lot of effort into their costumes, which included Boudicca, suffragettes, prisoners of war, Cleopatra, Darth Vader, Tutankhamun and a pyramid. There was a fashion show where the children explained what had inspired their costume. Concillors Blake and Truswell were assisted by the two longest standing club members who together judged Cleopatra to be the winner.

Other games and activities made it a fun and enjoyable afternoon for everyone including a quiz, historically-themed food and making timeline paper chains.

The Leeds YAC was set up earlier this year following the very successful Middleton Park History Detective Club, which was funded as part of the Parks for People regeneration scheme. The Club has become very popular with children of all ages, who come along to the monthly sessions to learn about the past through a series of fun activities. Forthcoming sessions are to include pottery making and exploring food from the past, where the children will get the chance to make their own butter.

The Club is run by volunteers, overseen by the Council for British Archaeology and is one of 65 similar clubs throughout the country which are working to get more children and young people interested in history and archaeology.

Councillors Blake and Truswell were delighted to be invited to the party.

Councillor Judith Blake (Labour, Middleton Park) said:

“The Leeds YAC Christmas party was a lot of fun and the children had an amazing time. Well done to all of them for their fantastic costumes! It’s great to see so many children taking an interest in archaeology and history. We must thank Louise Martin, Megan Clement and the other organisers from the YAC for doing such a fantastic job and we look forward to supporting the Club for many years to come.”

Louise Martin (Leeds YAC) said:

“A fun time was had by all and we are really grateful to Councillors Blake and Truswell for coming along and for their support for the Leeds YAC. I must also thank Graeme Ashton from Parks & Countryside, everyone else who has helped us from the Council and the Friends of Middleton Park for helping us set up the Club at the Visitor Centre. I’m delighted that we’ve already got a dedicated and enthusiastic group of children who make the club such fun and I’m looking forward to the activities we have planned for next year.”

If anyone is interested in joining the Leeds YAC they can contact The sessions run once a month (last Saturday in the month) at the visitor centre and it costs £6 for the whole year.