Women’s Lives Leeds Celebration Event

On Wednesday 18 July 2018 Women’s Lives Leeds, in conjunction with Leeds City Council, hosted a women’s celebration event at Building Blocks Centre in Beeston, as part of a series of activities and workshops funded to celebrate 100 years of women having the right to vote.

The event, which was organised by Women’s Lives Leeds, was one of a series of celebration events being rolled out across Leeds. The objective being to reinforce women’s empowerment and to facilitate engagement between local women and elected council members. Amongst the guests were Cllr Julie Heselwood, Cllr Paul Wray, Cllr Mohammed Iqbal and newly elected Cllr Gohar Almass.

The agenda consisted of various table discussion around topics affecting women, with a open question and answer panel where women were able to ask the councillors some direct questions relating to issues they are facing, and how they can inform change.

The event closed with the words of an inspirational woman sharing her story of how she has overcome adversity and hardship through voicing her experiences, and giving hope to those also experiencing difficulties, as a mentor and volunteer in the community.


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  1. This was a fantastic event. The feedback from local women in the area will help us build better and more inclusive services, here on Beeston Hill and across Leeds.

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