Windmill Primary School Thriller Dance


Thriller Dance at BITMO GATE 2015 by Windmill Primary School (6)Well done to Years 5 and 6 from Windmill Primary School for their Annual Thriller dance at BITMO GATE on the 2 November 2015.

Around about 100 school children, parents and teachers and BITMO Staff came to see the dance with around 40 to 50 Thriller dancers.

I watched a long line of Children making their way up Belle Isle Road from the School to The GATE for this years dance.

I remember two years ago when the dance was inside the resource centre. Last year it grew to such a size, so like this year held outside in the car park.

As you can see by the photos this was a very foggy and cold day, which did not seem to mind the children at all.

In fact the mist also gave an eerie feeling to the dance.Thriller Dance at BITMO GATE 2015 by Windmill Primary School (20)

The Dance was led by Frankie McKnight who I know from leading the cheerleaders at Hunslet Hawks.

The dancers did two songs before making their way back to school with sweets given out by The GATE staff.

Thank you to all for a fantastic festival of Dance.