Windmill Primary School enjoy a Vintage Tea Party with Belle Isle History Group

I arrived at Windmill Primary School for the Vintage Tea Party with Julie and Lynne already busy organising the food, and putting out the Victorian Tea Service for the party.

Windmill Children in Victorian Clothes

Kathie Lambert, School teacher told me the children present were all from years 4, 5 and 6.

The children got involved with dressing up in the vintage clothes, loaned to Belle History Group by West Yorkshire Playhouse.

All the children, as you can see from pictures looked amazing. At some point in the aftrenoon I counted 16 Children and 3 Teachers.


One small boy asked why Major Stan Hardy – Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire and

Major Stan Hardy and Kevin Sharp DL With Windmill Primary School Children

Kevin Sharp DL – Clerk to the West Yorkshire Lieutenancy, how they got past security wearing swords. I told them the Queen allows them. Lol.

Chris Sharp from Leeds Armley Mills, Industrial Museum


Windmill Primary School Children in Victorian clothes

Chris, (from the Museum) showed the Children various old goods, and asking what they thought the oldest and newest goods were on show.

I though the kaleidoscope the newest and a food whisk the oldest. Never found out if I was right.

Ian, also came along to the party from Middleton Railway.



Windmill Primary School Children in Victorian clothes

Ian  tells me there are still plans to lay tracks to the Park Cafe, so people can get off the train and have drinks in the cafe and get back on the train to Moor Road.

Ian said that no money for this was not forthcoming from the Leeds City Council.

I’m not quite sure if a small steam train could pull carriages and people up the hill, Ian thinks it can.



Now it was time to enjoy the food at the buffet. Thanks to Julie and Lynne for the food. A tidy up before we go home. Both Julie and Lynne do a amazing job for the group, long may it continue.

All photographs by Julie Holmes.