Windmill Primary pupils awarded Blue Peter’s green badge

I must start by thanking the music Federation for welcoming me into their schools and congratulate them on the continuous great work especially on the climate and the eco leaders.

I went to Belle Isle to visit Windmill Primary School on Thursday 23 June 2022 to congratulate them on their Climate Hero program and being awarded to Blue Peter‘s green badge for completing the climate challenge.

Led by Miss Millie Fraser, teacher and school council lead. Class 3F were invited to save the planet and become a climate hero. They were set a challenge to complete a series of planting pledges.

Once the people pupils receive their badges, they also receive some initiatives and some bonuses of being awarded the badges.

The pupils are encouraged to apply for a card which invites them to take up at least 200 attractions. The school also rewarded the pupils with a disco.

One pupil commented: “I would do this challenge again because planting one tree can make a difference in the world.”

Another said: “We helped the planet by planting flowers to give the Earth more oxygen.

“My favourite part of the Blue Peter challenge was reminding Miss Fraser to turn off the lights.

“We helped the planet by planting new plants to expand the colourful nature around us.”

My favourite of all was from this charming little lady:

“I would do this challenge again because it’s kind and nice to help the world by picking up rubbish!”

Miss Fraser said:

“It would be great if we were used as an example for other schools to do the same. we aim to link the community together. The pupils are certainly more conscious of the environment and the space around.”

I was very impressed by the environment in the school, the buzz of the children and the commitment to the children by the teachers. We often say that the commitment of any initiative comes from the top and the teachers are definitely setting a good example for their children.

I was intrigued to hear more about the school council and Miss Fraser was keen to tell me about it.

All pupils, years 3 to 6 are involved. Leading up to the school council Miss Fraser sends out questionnaires to all the class teachers who then spend time with the pupils and ask the questions on the questionnaires.

Questions like, what is litter? why do people drop litter? why do we have places to put litter in school? are there any suggestions from your class? how can we keep our school clean and free from litter?

It is very clear that the aim is to get the children involved, after all is it not their environment and we need to be educating our children of today about respecting the environment around them. I was so inspired by the enthusiasm of not just Miss Fraser but of her colleagues.

I bumped into deputy head, Caroline Harvison while I was there, who was also very keen on impressing how proud of Windmill Primary she is and echoed the aim of getting the community involved.


This post was written by Stewart Walton

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  1. Lovely to read about Windmill’s concern for the climate, especially with regard to litter. If every Primary School pupil could learn about avoiding litter, how much pleasanter our urban environment would be.

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