White Rose Centre supports apprentices Nathan and Chris


White Rose Shopping Centre is providing an important stepping stone for two apprentices as they prepare for the next stage of their careers.

NG Bailey apprentices Nathan Waters (left) and Chris Taylor are pictured with White Rose Shopping Centre manager Dean Stratton.
NG Bailey apprentices Nathan Waters (left) and Chris Taylor are pictured with White Rose Shopping Centre manager Dean Stratton.

Nathan Waters, who is 21 and 20-year-old Chris Taylor, are approaching the end of their four-year electrical apprenticeships with engineering, IT and facilities services business NG Bailey, which provides on-site services at the shopping centre.

The apprenticeship, which involves attendance at Leeds College of Building, where they will shortly be taking their final exams, has provided Nathan and Chris with the opportunity to gain vital experience and develop their skills at a number of major locations in Yorkshire, including White Rose.

Nathan, said: “It has been fantastic working at White Rose because the work is diverse and there is always something new to learn.”

Chris, added: “I have gained a lot of practical experience seeing how a huge and complex building works.”

Both are hoping to continue their careers with NG Bailey.

White Rose Centre manager, Dean Stratton, said: “As part of our commitment to providing employment and training opportunities for local people, we are delighted to work with key business partners such as NG Bailey and our cleaning and security providers OCS, on employee development. We wish Nathan and Chris every success.”

He added: “It has been particularly pleasing to see the number of young people who have found work at the centre through the recent opening of new stores, cafés and restaurants and I would strongly advise anybody who is seeking employment to pay a call to The Point at White Rose, where they can receive advice on training and find out about job opportunities.”

NG Bailey director Julian Barwell, said: “We are committed to providing the best possible training environments to our apprentices, giving them the necessary training and mentoring that they need to take them from apprentice to fully qualified engineers. We are grateful to both our clients and our engineers who support their learning and act as mentors to them.”

For further information visit the Community section of the White Rose website: www.white-rose.co.uk/community.

For more information about apprenticeships across Leeds, visit the Leeds Apprenticeship Hub.