What would help you be more active?

Over the last 12 months people from Holbeck and Beeston Hill have shared with us the many ways they have incorporated being active into their daily life.

Whether that is getting out for a family treasure hunt walk, learning to rollerskate, or looking to the new online world of fitness classes to do something within the home. For others we hear that general life has understandably got in the way.

With light now hopefully at the end of the tunnel, Get Set Leeds Local are really interested to hear what would help you, your family, friends or neighbours to move more?

I’m sure many will be thankful to see some organised activities starting back up, whilst for others you may still be keen to think about fun things you could do at home, or things that would make it easier for you to walk within your local area.

We’re working with local groups such as South Leeds Lakers who are developing new group walking and cycling activities. Watch this space!

Can you help shape what future adult football opportunities could look like in Beeston Hill and Holbeck?

Whether it’s a kickaround in the park with some friends, a mum’s soccercize fitness class or a walking football session tell us your ideas. We are keen to hear from adults of all ages who live and work in the areas, to help shape a potential and exciting new “Active through Football” project which would be led by Leeds United Foundation alongside community partners.

Your ideas will help shape what could be developed over the next 5 years, if funding is successful, giving real opportunity for activity to grow.

Access the online survey here, and tell us more about what opportunities you’d like to see in or around Beeston Hill or Holbeck. We’re keen to understand where you’d like to play, what types of sessions you’d like to do and what would encourage you to attend something. Contact beth.kerrigan@leedsunited.com / 07593 441262 if you’d like to comment without using the survey.

We know many have been rediscovering parks and greenspaces over the last 12 months. We’re really keen to understand what would help you access your local greenspace?

One of the new things you’ll soon see will be outdoor table tennis tables located at both Holbeck Moor and at Cross Flatts Park.

If you have received a home use PingPong4U pack, why not give the game a go at home? If you’re on social media, you can follow Ping Pong Pete on twitter @PingPongforU, where you’ll find many videos of challenges set by table tennis champions filmed especially for Leeds, by Olympians and Paralympians. Many of the activities can be done without any table.

Follow Get Set Leeds Local on Facebook @GSLHolbeck&BeestonHill. We’d love to hear your ideas for what an Active Holbeck and Beeston Hill could look like, along with sharing stories which may inspire others to try something new. karen.peck@leeds.gov.uk / Text or Whatsapp 07891 274130 / via messenger @GSLHolbeck&BeestonHill on Facebook.


This post was written by Karen Peck

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