We’ve got a new look – what do you think?

As the news agenda slows down during the summer holidays – it’s called the ‘silly season’ in the press – we decided to try out a new, cleaner and fresher look for our blog. We hope it’ll make our posts easier to read.

What do you think? Is it better or worse? Are there bits you like or don’t like? Is there something you’d like us to add? We’d really welcome your feedback! Please do post your comments below or email us at southleedslife@gmail.com, tweet us @southleedslife or search for ‘southleedslife’ on Facebook.

Remember, this is YOUR blog. Your contributions are more than welcome. If you fancy writing something about your community, your achievements or a local group/organisation why not give our step by step community correspondents site a go? The site can be found here.