Warning – we are working on the site today

We have been working on upgrading the South Leeds Life website this week. So firstly can we apologise for the disruption that we know at least some readers have suffered. We are confident that once the new set up is fully bedded in the site will look better, be easier to find what you’re looking for and have some new features such as a proper what’s on calendar.

We are doing some more work today and tomorrow on the new design, so please bear with us.

For the techies amongst you we have move the site from the wordpress.com to the wordpress.org platform. So we are self hosted now and able to move away from the rigid templates and tools available on the free platform.

For anyone thinking of starting their own blog, it’s worth mentioning that for the first year of South Leeds Life we didn’t spend any money at all on the site. In the second year we bought the domain name “sllife.leeds11.com”, but this still only cost about £20. So don’t be put off cost – it can be a very cheap to get started.

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