Volunteering opportunities at Skelton Grange Environment Centre

A volunteer planting a tree

Have you made a new year’s resolution to get involved with your local community, look after the environment and get more active? Volunteering at Skelton Grange Environment Centre could help you to do all these things and more.  The environmental education centre, hidden away in a beautiful green space by the River Aire near Hunslet, gives children and young people from all over Leeds the opportunity to find out more about the natural world and their local environment through hands-on outdoor activities.

Monthly Green Team events give everyone the opportunity to come and visit Skelton Grange and help out with practical work in the wildlife gardens.  Tasks range from tree planting to footpath work, and no experience is needed, just the willingness to have a go.  It’s a great way of learning some new skills, meeting new people and getting out in the fresh air.  A full list of upcoming tasks can be found on the centre’s website.

For those with more time to commit, the centre also offers fantastic opportunities for those who would like to work with children or in the environmental sector, but lack the experience.  The centre’s Volunteer Officer scheme provides work experience that is valued by employers and looks great on your CV, a full training programme including working with children and health and safety, a supportive and friendly environment, as well as travel and lunch expenses.   Find out more on the centre’s website.