View the plans for the Tetley Brewery site redevelopment

Plans for the former Tetley Brewery site in Hunslet will be unveiled at an exhibition in The Tetley art gallery on Thursday and Friday this week (9 & 10 May 2019).

The sheer size of the site has meant that plans have come forward in stages. Back in October 2017 South Leeds Life reported that the City Plans Panel approved the plans in principle. Outline planning permission for Phase 1 was granted last December after a year of negotiations and detailed design work.

Now developers Vastint are ready to submit designs for full planning permission for the city park and the first buildings, which will be at the Great Wilson Street end of the site.

The consultation will focus on four areas:

1. City Park

The outline application approved by LCC in December 2018 fixed the scale and size of this new park. Since then, Vastint and their design team have been working hard to produce a design that delivers a unifying vision capable of incorporating a wide range of uses. The design includes places for events of different types and sizes, places to relax, and plenty of grass and trees. It also focuses on providing connections for pedestrians and cyclists across the South Bank to make the park accessible and well-used.

The Crown Hotel. Photo: Google Streetview

2. Crown Hotel

The refurbishment of the Crown Hotel, which has lain derelict for decades on Crown Point Road, will include creating two new extensions, one along Crown Point Road and one down Hunslet Road. The building will be brought back to life as a public house at ground floor level, with 1900 m² of office space (B1) on its upper floors and in its two new four-storey extensions, regenerating this key location within the new city park.

3. Phase 2

This application is for the second phase of Vastint’s overall redevelopment of the former Brewery site and surrounding landholdings, from Crown Point Road 
in the north, to Hunslet Lane (A61) in the south west and Black Bull Street to the east. It completes the vision for this new neighbourhood that is central to
 the redevelopment of the South Bank. It will include detailed design of the continuation of the park from the River Aire to the education quarter, show access and connection routes, as well as an outline of the buildings to come – homes and offices with active uses at ground floor level.

4. First park-side buildings

This scheme presents the first buildings to be designed in detail. The buildings comprises 18,500 m² 
of office space (B1) over 8 floors, providing workspace for approximately 1,800 people and 2,000 m² of flexible commercial space on the ground floor fronting the new park, which will accommodate restaurants, cafes and retail businesses.

The development will frame the first phase of the park to the south, located to the west of The Tetley and south of Salem Church. It will be designed as two separate buildings set either side of a new external street, the line of which aligns with the historic route of Hunslet Lane.

It is envisaged that traditional materials will
be used to form contemporary elevations, acknowledging the importance of the adjacent historic buildings.

The exhibition will be open:

  • Thursday 9 May — 11:30 to 19:30
  • Friday 10 May — 11:00 to 19:00

South Bank Room, Ground Floor
, The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds, LS10 1JQ

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