Urgent appeal from Foodbank “in crisis”

Charity there “to help those in crisis” is “in crisis.”

Since 2013 the Leeds South and East Foodbank has been a charity helping people in crisis.  It has provided food to help people in the short term and signposted them to organisations who can help them solve the long term issues which require them to use a foodbank; benefit delays, benefit changes, low income, domestic abuse, etc.

Cllr Judith Blake talks to foodbank volunteers in 2017

The demand for food has grown year-on-year:

  • May 2013 to March 2014 we fed 1,216 people
  • April 2016 to March 2017 we fed 7,843 people
  • April 2017 to March 2018 we fed 9,018 people.
  • Since April of this year (just over 2 months) we have fed 2,258.

The demand for food is rising dramatically, hence our crisis.  Demand is outstripping supply and we need help.

Although the foodbank’s staff are all volunteers, we still need £1,500 per month to cover our expenses; rent, telephone, van hire, etc.  We need your help. Any financial donation to the foodbank will be gratefully received.

We are making this appeal to everyone; individuals, churches, community organisations, corporations – anyone who can help.

We urgently need:

Financial donations.  You can donate in the name ‘Leeds Foodbank’ using the ‘My Donate’ website or at www.leedssouthandeast.foodbank.org.uk.

Food:  Tinned Tomatoes, Pasta Sauce, Tinned Rice Pudding, Tinned Custard, Tinned Fish, Coffee, UHT Milk, Juice

Food (or financial) donations can be dropped off Monday to Wednesday (9am-2pm) at Unit 16, Ashbrooke Business Park, Parkside Lane, LS11 5SF.

All donations (big or small) will be gratefully received. Our thanks in anticipation of your help.