Unmanaged Reproach at BasementArtsProject

If the point of art is to make you stop and think and maybe see the world in a different light, then the current exhibition at Basement Arts Project in Beeston certainly hits the mark.

‘Unmanaged Reproach’ is a show of work by local artist Claire Bentley-Smith. In it she uses found objects to ask questions about the current situation of street prostitution and drug use in Holbeck.

“Unexpectedly, this process became a catalyst to dredge the remnants of my own challenging childhood and 20s and I found many common themes between my experiences and those of the girls trapped in the street sex trade …”  – Claire Bentley-Smith

At the recent opening event the exhibition proved to provide a space where people on all sides of the debate could air their views.

The exhibition is open on Thursday (30 May 2019) 11am-2pm and then by appointment until Monday 10 June.

On Tuesday (3 June 2019) there will be a Lunchtime Conversation event in which we invite you to join us for a home cooked meal and conversations with the artist, followed by a tour of the exhibition. Booking is essential – book here.

Ring Basements Arts Project on 07506 721504 or email: basementartsproject@gmail.com.