My Trip To Radio Leeds in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Week


20141016_132213Set my alarm clock for 6.30am, Thursday morning for my trip to Radio Leeds, for my live interview with Liz Green, for Dementia and Alzheimer’s week.

No need, was awake at 5am. Better time than Liz Green who has to be up at 3am for trip from home in Huddersfield.

Liz has to do certain amount of research before and after programmes go out.

Taxi a bit late at 8.05pm, need not have worried the fastest taxi I’m ever been in.

Less than 10 minutes through rush hour traffic. Diving in and out of lanes.

Told driver I need to arrive alive. Just as I got out of taxi, Peter Smith, parking car opposite the studios.

How on earth he has just parked his car straight away in street full of cars I don’t know.

By now must have his own parking place. He certainly got the last one.

I understood later that on my way to studio, Radio Leeds played my audio diary. So did not get to hear that.

Was greeted by security guard, who sorted me and Peter with visitors Badges. Sneaked mine out later as a souvenir.

Kim came and asked us if we wanted a coffee, of course we do.20141016_085012

To be honest didn’t  know what questions Liz Green was going to ask, as I thought would not ask anything that was on my audio diary from last week. So I’m thinking I’m going to have to think on my feet here.

I did have a piece of paper I wrote out this morning with what I called my bullet points. Single bullet points at that, such as M62, Dementia Café, depression, Peter Smith, people’s names, faces and car parks.

As it happens forgot my reading glasses (very dark as well in the studio) so did not attempt to read this.

Each of those  words would let me tell me a story from that single word.

While waiting for my live broadcast, sat next to Stig from Top Gear. I now know what he looks like, without his space suit.

He was on after my programme.

20141016_082304Was ushered into studio by Kim, Peter sitting 2 chairs away, for my broadcast with Liz Green.

Put my headphones on, got a bit closer to microphone. Had a quick word with Liz and shook hands, could not get close enough to give her a kiss. Lol.  I notice very dark in here.

Literally 1 minute later, the red on air- on  light came on in the corner of the studio. Oh dear.

That was it I was live on air (with millions of people listening). Lol, with the famous and gorgeous Liz Green.

Liz introduced me, to the listeners.

Strange, Liz knew my age and that I lived alone.

Wonder where she got the info from? Liz started asking me some questions relating to my early onset of Dementia.

The topic of conversation seemed to be my M62 incident with the 2 Police Ladies. Please listen to audio file. Then Liz went on to my other memory problems.

20141016_084634The Radio Leeds studio is enormous, I understand this is shared with Look North (please see photo). This is not the recording studio where Liz Green does her morning show. Did not get chance take photos in there, people in and out all the time.

We had a tour round the Station and the Look North Studios and the famous red sofa. Bet it could tell a tale. I remember the station when first opened at the front of the Merrion Centre. Think Liz was on then with Peter Levy at one point and Martin Kelner. Those were the days.

To mention another station I used to listen to in the early days on Pennine Radio, and Dorothy Box.

There was another record programme I used to listen in the early days, on Radio Leeds. Diana Luke. Canadian. Played 60s 70s music.

This lady has come back to do a Saturday and Sunday easy listening music show on Radio Leeds.

Well that was it. Peter gave me a lift home, and spent the rest of the day, doing this blog and sending audio files to people.

Would I go again? Most definite.