Time For Change, But Am I Too Old?


I’ve reached the grand old age of 38 and spent since the age of 16 working full time. I’d now started resenting being stuck in an office, the artificial light and looking at balance sheets and worrying about turnover and profitability, time for a change?

YES, but what to do? Well after seeing an advert in the local press for a local Volunteer Officer, this gave me the ‘light bulb moment’ giving something back to the local community, whilst educating children and working outside, rewarding and fun what more could I wish for.


One week into my new role at Skelton Grange Environment Centre and I’ve found myself on the Community Reporters course. Why? Well to learn and develop the skills to enable me to put finger to keyboard and write about my experiences and also to promote the work of the organisation I am volunteering for plus other local community projects.

“Do something which will make you happy and don’t just think about the salary” Makaela Kennedy


This article was written by David Brain using our Community Reporters website

2 Replies to “Time For Change, But Am I Too Old?”

  1. Well done David! An excellent start to your reporting/blogging career mate.
    It sounds like you’ve found something that you love doing for “work” too.

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