Thriller Dance In South Leeds

Slide show Pictures by Julie Holmes. Blog Pictures by Kenneth Ingram.

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Thriller Dance 1 (22)Arrived at BITMO GATE on the 5 November, for Thriller Dance (made famous by Michael Jackson).

Presented and performed by the children of Windmill Primary School, Belle Isle.

I was amazed by the car park being totally empty, this is a very rare sight indeed. I go to this centre 3 to 4 times a week and always full. Ha ha people had to walk for a change.

Anyway Lynne stopped me and asked me to block car park entrance with my car, as Children where to do the Thriller Dance in the car park.  So no cars allowed.

This is a different to last year when we had about 10 children doing the Thriller Dance, and just as many watching and held inside BITMO GATE. I also took photos on that day as well.

The Children performed at Windmill Primary School before making their way up to the BITMO GATE centre.Thriller Dance 1 (20)

Please see slide show for Photos taken by Julie Holmes (PTA member and Volunteer) at the School.

I saw a Yellow School bus turn up and thought, at least maybe 30 or so to do the dance this year. Nobody got out.

And then, moments later, watched as nearly 200 dancers, school children, teachers and parents walked up Belle Isle Road to the centre from the school. This was going to be amazing.

Children, teachers and parents were ushered around the perimeter of the car park.  The dancers formed a group in the middle of the car park, to get ready and do there amazing Thriller Dance routine.

Thriller Dance 1 (21)The music started on the PA and the Children started their routine.

What amazed me was at times the children were doing little routines different to rest of the group. This must have taken some time to organise, so well done to the choreographer.

The dancers did a 15 minute routine, had a rest and did another 15 minutes or so. The dancing and costumes were amazing. Well done to everyone for all the organising that’s goes into putting on a show like this.

Before the children made their way to Morrison’s, Hunslet and Low Road School to do the routine again, were handed out sweets by Lynne, Julie and Karen.

I think the School bus I saw earlier was to take the dancers to Hunslet. Can’t see their little legs, walking all that way.Thriller Dance 1 (25)

Well that was it, as I said earlier thinking was an inside event, turned up in running vest and track suit bottoms. So I was freezing by now, made a quick exit to the Centre for a hot cup of coffee and check on photos taken.

Got home and started editing photos, and writing this blog.


My thanks also go to: Julie Holmes (PTA) and Andy Gamble, (Head of Windmill Primary School). For their quotes.

Quote from Andy Gamble, Head of School:

 “As always, it’s a thrilling event that children, parents and staff look forward to with anticipation. The costumes and dancing were better than ever this year! Everyone had a great time.”

 Quote From Julie Holmes (PTA):

“The Thriller Dance is always great to watch, as always the children do a fantastic routine, even when it’s cold like it was on Wednesday.  Well done to everybody !!