Cockburn School

I have just been following the comments in South Leeds Life regarding the proposed Community Centre development on Barkly Road, and very interesting reading it makes! It did spur me on to look at what objections/support might have been placed on the Public Access pages of Leeds Planning.

Cockburn SchoolI was, therefore, alarmed to discover that in a document addressed to the council, and apparently signed by upwards of 750 local residents, Sean Sturman, Honorary Secretary of the Save Our Beeston Campaign, makes the claim that Leeds City Council have given leave for Cockburn School to be increased by 30 %. I am unsure as to whether Mr. Sturman means that the number of students will increase by 30 %, in which case the school would have a population of around 1500 rather than its present number of just over 1100, or whether he means that the school buildings are going to be increased by 30%. Were that to happen we would need to build over the school playground and probably part of the playing fields as well!

Cockburn has no intention of doing either of the above actions, and the council has certainly not “given leave” for any such development to take place at the school. Given the large number of people in the area who have read Mr. Sturman’s misleading leaflet I would like to make it clear, in public, that Cockburn School will NOT be increasing in size by 30%.


This post was written by Peter Nuttall, Director of Community Relations at Cockburn School using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.

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