There’s a snake in New Forest Village

A snake is now residing in Middleton’s New Forest Village plantation, but this one is less worrying than your conventional snake, in fact it’s a snake made from community spirit. The Snake is made up of over 130 decorated stones from the community and it was all the brain child of, well, a child (or two).

The stones are all decorated in various ways, with chalk, paints and various other ways. It all started when Emma Prest who lives on the New Forest Village was walking with her girls and they found a decorated stone and her girls came up with an idea,

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see them all together?” they asked.

The girls started to gather stones they had decorated and lined them up at side of the path and Emma promoted the idea online, soon there were over 130 stones all decorated and full of colour as the community flocked to join in the fun.

This was a simple, but effective idea, it brought a community together to develop a community art piece – it’s a few weeks old now, but if you want to add to it, feel free.















This post was written by Wayne Dixon

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