The Metaphorical Museum and The Underworld comes to Beeston

Thursday 1st June 2023 | 5:30-8:30pm

Jeffrey Knopf is a Manchester based artist who uses technology to create artworks. This exhibition features sculptures made from digitally scanning objects and printing them in 3D. One of the sculptures in this show features a Beeston landmark that you will definitely recognise!

The other objects may also seem familiar, but after the process of digitising they are rendered almost abstract. Our minds are left to fill in the detail in the same way as the scanning technology has to fill in what it does not understand.

Come and join us for the opening night, meet the artist and enjoy a glass of wine two with us.

The act of stepping over a threshold and down is what intrigues me, it’s the space under, The Underworld
Jeffrey Knopf

The Underworld revisits themes from his basement exhibition at Manchester’s Mirabel Street Gallery in November 2022, whilst The Metaphorical Museum presents a new body of work.

Knopf’s vision of The Underworld is not one of tortured souls or Elysian fields, but one that is playful yet precarious, a metaphor for the current times we are living in. The Metaphorical Museum on the other hand, looks at studio practice and museum display; figuration abstracted by technology and presented as incomplete and substituted memories.

My sculptures are blurred and have an air of digital archaeology about them, because of this they are able to encompass the past, present and futureJeffrey Knopf

Exhibition Remains Open
Friday 2nd June | 10am – 2pm
Saturday 3rd June | 10am – 2pm
Sunday 4th June | 10am – 2pm
Monday 5th June | 10am – 2pm
Tuesday 6th June | 10am – 2pm
Wednesday 7th June | 12pm – 8pm
Thursday 8th June | 10am -2pm
Friday 9th June | 10am – 2pm

Tuesday 13th June | 10am – 2pm
Wednesday 14th June | 12pm – 8pm
Thursday 15th June | 10am – 2pm
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Sunday 18th June | 10am -2pm
Monday 19th June | 10am – 2pm

Thursday 22nd June | 10am – 2pm
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