The Dome is where the Heart is

The long-awaited dome for the new Abu Huraira mosque (also known as the Hardy Street mosque) – under construction on Catherine Grove in Beeston Hill since 2013 – was assembled and dramatically winched onto the building this last week. South Leeds Life is pleased to present exclusive footage and photos, including great views over the roofs of the community.

The huge, 8m-diameter steel structure was pieced together on site over 24 hours, then lifted onto the building by crane the following day. Local resident Morteza Fatahi was on hand to capture it all by photo (see gallery, above) and on film:

(We recommend you turn down the volume before watching, to avoid the white noise of the wind.)

The members of the mosque community are continuing to fundraise, to complete the interior of the building – which they hope to formally open in 2016 or 2017.