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Hedge-Laying Revival at Skelton Grange

Funding from  the CEMEX Community Fund has been giving the enthusiastic volunteers at Skelton Grange Environment Centre a chance to travel back in time and learn woodland management skills, including the ancient art of hedge laying… with some real “cutting ‘edge” tools. Every Friday in February and March, The Conservation

Volunteers celebrate the Skelton Grange Wild Area

  The Conservation Volunteers are celebrating the hard work of over 40 volunteers at Skelton Grange Environment Centre this year, as they complete a series of improvements to promote biodiversity and visitor access to the site. The Skelton Grange Wild Area Project will be completed with a final volunteer event

A mosaic for all seasons: new outdoor artwork at Skelton Grange

  The Conservation Volunteers at Skelton Grange Environment Centre in Leeds have piecing together the final stages of an exciting new artwork at the centre. Over 20 different volunteers have helped to put together the three metre wide mosaic which shows a beech tree changing with the passage of the