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South Leeds bids farewell to local hero

Harry Goodall was an unsung South Leeds hero, who this last month passed away – aged 96. South Leeds Life here remembers his life – from the ‘forgotten village’ of Stourton, through his involvement in the Second World War, a long career at the iconic Tetley’s Brewery, and a lifetime

South of the River – Send Them Kids To War

Wednesday was Remembrance Day, it’s a day full of contradictions that I always find difficult. The first question is who are we remembering? It varies from ‘those brave young men that made the ultimate sacrifice to defend democracy’ through to ‘all victims of all wars’. The second definition I can

South of the River – In The Trenches

  It can’t have escaped your notice that this year marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. South Leeds Life has published two stories already and this week the national press has been full of debate sparked by Michael Gove’s attack on various historians and the